, went to the county to go back to the

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, went to the county to go back to the

Message par ylq » mar. sept. 10, 2019 4:23 am

In the memory of my teacher, Teacher Jia is a strong woman. From my memory, my father has been working outside the home, rarely going home to visit us. My mother took me and my brother alone, and I have to earn money to support my family. I still can't mistake the farm work in the land. Every day just dawned, my mother got up and made breakfast for me and my brother Carton Of Cigarettes, and then went to work in the fields. It was always until the afternoon sun set before I dragged my tired body home. After returning home, the mother still can't afford to go, because there is still a lot of housework waiting for her to do. In those years, the strong mother, by virtue of her physical strength, bought a farm tricycle, went to the county to go back to the vegetables and sold it in the villages. When the vegetables were sold out, they would collect the waste and pull them into the county to change the money into the food, no matter how much life. Difficulties, my mother is strong and step by step, never complained that when I was eight years old, my brother just turned three years old, just in the Spring Festival, in the southern Shaanxi town, the Spring Festival is the busiest season, except for walking. In addition to relatives, there is also a very important farm work - planting potatoes. In that small town, the simple people always like to gather in a family when they do farm work, and this one goes on to the next one. On the 14th day of the first month, my mother went out to help a family in the village grow potatoes. I took my brother at home. The weather was very cold that day, but my brother and I didn't seem to feel cold. I ran outside for an afternoon. The result was that the other day we had a high fever together the next day, and the mother had to go to the second uncle to help. There was only me and my brother at home Marlboro Lights. Two people, in order to prevent me and my younger brother from running out again, suffering from the aggravation of the illness, the mother and my brother were kept in the living room before leaving, and a very charcoal fire was born, not forgetting to close all the doors and windows, and from the outside Locked the door. After my mother left, my brother and I watched TV and played toys at home. It was a great pleasure to play, but it didn't take long for us to feel very uncomfortable. Every breath was very laborious. So, I tried to open the window, but my strength was too small to be opened. The younger brother is uncomfortable, and I can only cry hard. I hope that people passing by will go back to find my mother. But in the busy season, who will be in the village? My brother and I are getting more and more uncomfortable. My brother is crying and he is dumb. I can��t help it, but there is no way. I don��t even have the strength to shoot the door Cigarettes For Sale. "Sister, I want to sleep..." The younger brother said to me weakly, I took out the plush toy of my brother behind the TV set, put it on the table as a
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